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About Neema Hospital

Because We Care

We operate Kitui’s largest network of private hospitals, and our focus is on delivering quality health care and value for money. We play a key role in improving the health of our clients across the region, by providing access to quality elective health services ranging from both inpatient , outpatient, maternity and dental  services just to name but a few. Neema hospital is one of the counties’ most well known and trusted healthcare brands. Its range of products and services, combined with a not-for-profit focus and significant size and experience, gives Neema hospital a unique and important role in the kitui county health sector and across the region, it  has significantly grown in both size and scope of services offered. We’re passionate about achieving our vision: to provide a growing number of kitui residents with high quality and affordable private hospital care.”


By bringing together specialist capabilities and high-performing staff, Neema Hospital provides the infrastructure for private elective health services to be performed throughout the country. These ‘center of expertise’ include modern and well-equipped operating theater, consulting suites, and specialist consulting center,  inpatient and outpatient services,maternity, skin services and general surgery. Collectively, our hospitals employ s Registered Nurses as well as several hundred other healthcare professionals, and provide strategic and business management support across a range of areas including clinical safety and quality, procurement, accounting and finance, facilities management, human resources, payroll, business development, marketing and IT support. Our aim is to help specialists deliver elective health services to as many regions as possible. Our patients include members, policyholders from other insurance companies and self-funding patients. A focus on people, not profits our business philosophy is based on our not-for-profit principles. This means we’re focused on the needs of our patients and employee. This allows us to balance our twin goals – to provide superb facilities offering the highest standards of care, while also making our services as affordable and accessible as possible. Neema hospital Kitui is the ‘employer of choice’, by offering world-class clinical environments and staff support. We are committed to developing kitui’s health sector and improving the lives of many in the region. We also actively promote blended learning, supported programs. On behalf of our      patients, we champion the delivery of high-quality healthcare that represents value for money. In line with this, we work with insurance companies and other funding organizations to develop fixed price arrangements for common surgical procedures.

Investing in technology Neema hospital Kitui invests in new technologies and facilities to respond to the increasing complexity of medical procedures, and the evolving needs of our patients.. The technology not only enables a range of surgical procedures to be performed through very small incisions but also offers improved vision optics and surgeon controls which enable a wider range of operations.

At our clinic we practice individual approach to let the patients feel they are special.“

- doctor